Which is the best browser for OS X?

It's always good to see a lack of poor products on test. However, in terms of recommendation, iCab falls first. It's fast and feature-rich, but ugly, a little dated, and has a price tag. We can't justify paying for a browser when free, superior alternatives exist.


OmniWeb and Camino are also out of the running, due to being dated. OmniWeb's in a holding pattern and doesn't look likely to make strides forward any time soon, but we're hopeful Camino 2 (when it appears) could revitalise that browser's fortunes.

That leaves Opera, Firefox and Safari – the big-hitters. The problem with both Opera and Firefox is they obviously feel like ports, often betraying their cross-platform roots. We want something truly Mac-like.

Therefore, the prize goes to Safari, which combines usability and Macness with decent features for accessing content. The lack of content blocking and keyboard shortcut tools is annoying, however. For those who want more than just browsing, Firefox is a worthy, feature-rich, extensible runner-up.