Which is the best browser for OS X?

Storing and managing shortcuts to sites and services

Modern web browsers should enable bookmarks, sorting and tab sets, and all apps on test don't disappoint. Therefore, points are largely scored for going above and beyond expected basics.

Test 5

Safari and Camino both impress with their integration with Mac technologies, enabling automated bookmarks menus based on Address Book content or websites being shared via Bonjour; Camino also enables any bookmarks folder to be accessed from the Dock, while Safari bungs some Cover Flow gloss into the mix.

OmniWeb and iCab provide the means for subscribing to websites, and the former enables site-specific preferences to be set for many criteria.

Firefox beats all comers, though, via its robust and flexible tagging system. You're encouraged to tag rather than file bookmarks, subsequently typing tags in the address bar to access favourite sites.

Usefully, the address bar displays a star icon if you've bookmarked the active site.

Test results

Test 5