Which is the best browser for OS X?

Obstructing advertising and harmful phishing

Two content types need regular barring: phishing sites and online ads.

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With the latter, Safari fares poorly, only being able to block pop-ups. Firefox additionally enables specific-image blocking, and Opera goes further, enabling any content to be optionally blocked. Said block list is later editable.

The most impressive ad-blocking features belong to OmniWeb, iCab and Camino. OmniWeb's offers loads of control, enabling default block settings to be over-ridden on a per-site basis. Ad slots can also be clicked to reveal their content.

iCab provides filters, and an example filters file bundled with the disk image removes ads from most sites.

Camino offers similar results, via a Block web advertising option in its Web Features preferences. A pity, then, that these three browsers seem oblivious when it comes to detecting phishing sites.

By comparison, Safari, Opera and Firefox all blocked a number of dodgy sites they were pointed at.

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