Which is the best browser for OS X?

Global, in-page search and previous content Aside from Safari, all browsers on test offer search engines, enabling you to switch the Google box for an alternative.

Test 3

Safari makes up for that omission with a decent suggestions drop-down (with recent searches) from the search box, a trait it shares with Firefox.

Safari fares much better with in-page search – the browser clearly highlights all instances of a term. Opera matches Safari here for functionality, if not aesthetics, and Firefox provides useful type-ahead search, but only highlights one instance of your term.

All browsers make address bar suggestions from browsing history and/or bookmarks, and three stand out:

Safari provides a clear list showing a top hit and results from your History and Bookmarks; Opera doesn't categorise its list, but does take into account page content, making it possible to search via keywords within web pages along with site names or domains; and Firefox just finds stuff with almost uncanny accuracy – doubly so if you use its tagging system.

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Test 3