Which is the best browser for OS X?

Setup, interface and how easy the browser is to use

Although some of the browsers on test are quite complex, all are usable.

Test 1

Safari sets the benchmark – Apple's clean, efficient interface, strong design and attention to detail makes the browser a joy to use. Cover Flow within History is a mildly irksome gloss, but the Top Sites page beats Opera's equivalent, and tab management works brilliantly.

Camino, once Safari's equal, no longer impresses as much; its honed-down interface is starting to date in key areas. Still, it's not bad.

Despite sharing Safari's guts, OmniWeb and iCab feel a bit clever for their own good, offering more features than Safari, but lacking some of its niceties.

As for both of the ports, Firefox is ugly and alien in terms of its interface, but easy to get to grips with;Opera has a striking new interface, and usefully buries many advanced features out of harm's way (a bonus as far as newcomers are concerned), although its tab management leaves a little to be desired.

Test results

Test 1