Samsung Gear S4 may have extra battery within the strap


We've heard little about the next version of Samsung's smartwatch range, but a new patent suggests the company is experimenting with innovative new battery tech.

A patent - spotted by LetsGoDigital - shows a concept the company is playing with that will allow for extra battery to be included within the strap.

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The battery tech will need to be both flexible and thin to be used in the strap, but the patent suggests this battery will be on both ends of the strap and allow Samsung to include two batteries, neither of which will need to be in the body of the watch.

Extra room

According to the patent, Samsung will be able to include this tech within materials such as leather, polymer and rubber, so you won't be limited to just one type of material wrapped around your wrist with this wearable.

With the battery moving to the strap, Samsung would then be able to fill the body of its watch with other tech or make it a touch thinner on the wrist.

The patent makes it quite clear the company would want to use this space for extra features though and even lists the ideas of including a camera or fingerprint scanner, as well as extra heart rate, proximity and infrared tech too.

Whether this will be ready for the company's next smartwatch - likely either the Gear S4 or the Gear Sport 2 - we don't know for certain. But hopefully some of the tech we've seen here will one day be finished behind closed doors at Samsung for a future wearable release.