Vibrating alarm clock launched

Karlsson's The Vibrating Alarm Clock
Karlsson's The Vibrating Alarm Clock

For most people, the humble alarm clock is an object of hate, waking you from peaceful slumber with a noise more annoying that the latest mobile phone ringtones.

Well, worry no more, as an alarm clock has just been launched that is said to gently wake you from the land of nod through the medium of vibration.

Yes, that's right, the good folks at Karlsson have invented the Vibrating Alarm Clock, which is not designed to be placed on your mantelpiece but rather… under your pillow.

Good vibrations

What's more the alarm clock doubles as an LED flashlight, and comes complete with a recharge dock that also makes the alarm into a clock when not in use.

So, if you fancy being woken up with vibrations rather than the normal way, the clock is available now for just £25. This is impressive, but not as impressive as getting through this whole article without any sexual innuendos whatsoever. Well, hardly any.