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Samsung really wants you to use the Note 7 as a camera

Galaxy Note7

Fixed lenses on smartphones can hinder some shots - the fairly wide-angle lens isn't suited to all types of photograph, particularly flattering portrait shots, as the angle of view can distort facial features.

With the new Galaxy Note 7 , Samsung has also announced two lens attachments that promise to overcome some of these issues.

Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but a dedicated anti-slip case will allow you to attach a dedicated telephoto lens, changing the angle of view.


This means you can get more tightly framed images without sacrificing image quality when you normally have to resort to a digital zoom (or crop the image later).

As well as the telephoto lens attachment there's also a wide-angle lens attachment, offering an ultra-wide 108 degree field of view, allowing you to cram plenty into the frame - whether that's a striking landscape, a tall building, or a large group selfie.

Price and availability are still to be confirmed.