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Tech improves call quality on current phones

Even the humblest mobile phones may soon sound loud and clear.

Anyone fed up with the poor quality of calls made on mobile phones will prick up their ears when they hear of NTT DoCoMo 's latest technology that adjusts the sound of a phone call to better suit the human voice.

The speech-encoding technology allows sound coming through a phone to cover a far wider frequency range than existing phones manage. The new range of 50Hz - 16kHz covers roughly the limits of our voices and compares favourably with the standard 300Hz - 3.4kHz of most phones, which drops off at both ends of the spectrum.

Coming soon?

Best of all, the clever tech doesn't require any kind of future-phone technology and will work on existing mobile-phone hardware. DoCoMo will demonstrate this using an existing handset at the Telecom Summit Wireless Technology Park 2007 in Yokohama tomorrow.

Still interested? Feel free to delve deeper into the science via the linked PDF release from DoCoMo here if you must.