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T3 Awards Phone of the Year - the candidates


The HTC One X is one of the most stunning phones on the market right now, and a worthy competitor in the phone of the year category.

With the One X, HTC has taken things back to what it knows best: making beautiful hardware fused with a top end skin, which comes in the form of Sense 4.0.

The polycarbonate shell is smooth and premium-feeling in the hand, and the large 4.7-inch HD screen might not be OLED but it's certainly crisp and clear - and then there's the quad core processor beating at the heart of the One X.

Racking up an impressive four-and-a-half stars out of five in our in-depth HTC One X review, the handset could well be the one to get the Taiwanese firm's fortunes back on track.

McCann noted: "Although playing second fiddle to the Samsung Galaxy S3, some will prefer the stylings of the equally capable One X, which while unable to match the S3 in features, its sleeker design is certainly something to behold."

You can check out the HTC One X review, read on or go and vote for the One X in the T3 Awards 2012.