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T3 Awards Phone of the Year - the candidates

iPhone 4S - a major seller

Apple's iPhone 4S has become such a familiar sight in the fast-moving and ever-changing world of mobile phones that it's easy to forget that it only made an appearance in October 2011.

Some have never forgiven the iPhone 4S for not being the iPhone 5, with the lack of a new design and a performance bump rather than complete overhaul bringing rare criticism for an Apple product.

But despite Siri being considerably less impressive than people hoped and the screen being smaller than those being offered by the likes of Samsung, this quickly became Apple's best selling phone to date.

The Retina display that arrived with its predecessor - the iPhone 4 - remains an impressive selling point, and the massive back catalogue of apps and games run smoothly and impressively on the iPhone 4S' dual-core processor.

TechRadar's iPhone 4S review awarded the handset four-and-a-half stars, with phones and tablets editor Gareth Beavis commenting: "Some people might be disappointed not to have seen the fabled iPhone 5, with the larger screen and new design, but the iPhone 4S is more than enough to keep Apple fans happy.

"Simply put: if you've got an iPhone 4, you don't need to upgrade but for anyone else on an older device, or hankering after finally making the jump to an iPhone, you should run down to the shops and pick one up now - you won't regret it."

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