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Sony admits it took its eye off the ball

Sony admits it took its eye off the ball
Back on track

Sony has admitted that it took its eye off the ball for a few years, but is keen to point out that's it's back and better than ever.

The honest appraisal came during a video presentation at Sony's CES 2013 press conference, with the voiceover revealing: "we used to make people say wow all the time.

"Our unique combination of artists and engineers set out to create a surprise everyday. We forgot the power of that for a while."

The wow gauge

"Wow should be the only gauge by which we measure everything we do and it's happening with 4K cameras, by developing headphones for music producers which end up being the best, period or a digital camera that beat the Mars Rover to invention of the year, that's our comeback… not bad."

That's all pretty powerful stuff and of course Sony is going to say that it's on top of its game, but it is interesting to see a bit of honesty from a large company and the realisation that its lost out to rivals over recent years.

With new televisions, cameras, camcorders and mobile phones all being unveiled at CES 2013 the Japanese firm is certainly showing its intent, and we look forward to seeing how it gets on.