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Pantech adds to the touchy-feely phone market

Pantech's touch-screen replaces the buttons, leaving a normal upper screen smudge-free.

The latest high-end mobile phone from Korean firm Pantech adds to the increasingly crowded touch-screen mobile market occupied by the Prada Phone and the imminent iPhone , but does so with a different approach.

The 500,000 won (£272) IM-R200 will be available this month in Korea, running on CDMA 1x networks there with the main selling point being its touch-sensitive screen with vibrating feedback.

Context sensitivity

Sitting in place of a normal keypad, the 1.6-inch screen is contextual, displaying track listings when music is playing or changing to buttons when touched, for example. In addition, any virtual keys vibrate to give a sensory indication of having performed an action.

Otherwise, the main screen is a normal 2-inch LCD and there are twin 2-megapixel and VGA cameras, each of which can recognise faces and adjust camera modes accordingly. Weight is a reasonable 104g and the usual music-playback and document-viewing software are present and correct.