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Mobile phone software speaks 25 languages

Wherever you go in the world you phone can translate the language for you

You may never have to worry about speaking a foreign language again thanks to a new talking mobile phone application, Echo Translator . The downloadable application is effectively a talking phrase book, translator and learning tool. It's currently available to translate into 25 languages.

The Echo Translator uses Echo's Phraselogic technology that enables users to select words and phrases from the mobile app and put them together in a sentence. The phone will then 'speak' it in a native language voice. Users can either repeat what their handset says, or simply let the mobile do the talking.

The Echo Translator software is currently available in a free trial version, suitable for Java-enabled mobiles and Windows Mobile devices.

The language packs can be downloaded in full to sit on the phone as an on-board phrasebook. Alternatively, users can choose the option of getting categories downloaded page by page from the Echo server as and only when required. The latter option means the application will take up less storage space on the handset.

The Echo Translator offers various language pack options. The Echo Travel Basics is free, while the more advanced Echo Travel Pro pack can be bought in full or downloaded as needed on a subscription basis.