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HTC supercharges Dot View case with all-new wallpapers and powers

HTC One M8
It almost seems a shame to cover it up

HTC's eye-catching Dot View case has just got a little better, as the accompanying app has been updated to add a boatload of new features.

Now you can choose a custom wallpaper from 18 default themes or use one of your own photos or images. You can also now view the last three calls by swiping upwards, or swipe left or right to view email, text, voicemail and call notifications, all of which wasn't possible with the previous version, which was mostly there to look nice and let you answer calls / find out the weather.

HTC One M8 Dot View

One of the problems (that security locks stopped this information popping up) has been fixed with the ability to bypass the security when in Dot View mode.

All this gives the Dot View case a much-needed injection of personalisation and the custom wallpaper in particular could make your HTC One M8 stand out, which is surely the whole point when you have such a stylish phone and unusual case.

However, it doesn't fix one of the big issues: that the case doesn't fold around the phone properly. Here's hoping that gets fixed soon too!