GPS on a keyring

The Freedom Mini GPS receiver is small enough to carry on a keyring

The Freedom Mini GPS is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled receiver module that you can slip onto a keyring beside car or home keys, so you take it everywhere with you. It's a clever way of not forgetting to carry a GPS module when you're using a satnav package with your mobile or PDA. And hopefully you won't forget where you've left it.

The compact Freedom Mini GPS is aimed at the majority of smartphone and PDA users who don't have GPS receivers built into their devices. The Mini GPS uses the latest SiRF Star III GPS chipset found in many larger GPS receivers. It'll work with any regular satnav mapping package. It weighs a pocketable 30 grams and measures just 39 x 33 x 20 mm.

The Freedom Mini GPS comes with both in-car and USB chargers, and has a working time of 10 hours between recharges. It will be available in mid-June from Freedom Input Ltd for £69.99.