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Apple tablet arrives at last!

To the Mac fan, Apple is like a contrary lover - willing to meet your every desire one moment and then cruelly leaving you wanting more the next.

So it is with the Apple Tablet - a product that's been running around the rumour circuit for months. Heck, Apple even submitted an application (number 20070101300 ) to the US Patent Office last year. And there's still no sign of one. Harumph.

That hasn't stopped Yanko Design from coming up with its MacTab concept though - a sexy, little black number complete with slender, wireless keyboard and ultra-thin touchscreen display. The MacTab even uses a clever combination of magnets and notches to keep the whole thing connected together when you're on the move.

Just the sight of the MacTab aroused so much lust among the Mac people in the office, that they were willing to forego an iPhone just to get their hands on one.

The things some people will do for love.