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Netflix brings HDR playback to Huawei and Sony’s latest phones

Huawei P20 Pro

Netflix has quietly rolled out HDR playback for three more phones, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei P20 Pro and the Sony Xperia XZ2.

This builds off of the video streaming company’s already-robust lineup of supported devices, which include several models from our list of the best Android phones, as well as the iPhone X.

For the uninitiated, HDR (high dynamic range) is quickly becoming the standard, thanks to its impressive color and contrast presentation. More akin to the visual experience of a cinema, many phones are now able to compete thanks to their screens, which are capable of producing rich saturation, deep blacks and accurate, ultra-bright whites.

To ensure that you’re watching HDR content on Netflix, the company insists that you ensure your phone is updated, and just a little advice from us, make sure you’re wearing headphones for the most immersive experience.

Finally, you'll need the most expensive Netflix plan – Netflix Premium – to get HDR support. It also comes with perks like 4K Ultra HD (not really relevant on a phone) and family-sized streaming capabilities for up to four screens at the same time.

Via PhoneScoop