HSBC to equip all workers with iPhones?

HSBC hearts the iPhone 3G?
HSBC hearts the iPhone 3G?

HSBC is rumoured to be ditching its allegiance to BlackBerry, instead deciding to give an iPhone 3G to its important workers who just HAVE to have email on the move.

According to ZDNet Australia, the company is considering a 200,000 bulk order, which would surely be the biggest order of the new handset yet.

It would also be a massive blow to BlackBerry, and a huge boost to the image of 'it's also a business handset' Apple is trying so hard to portray.

To be fair, it does have some decent email capabilities, and despite the noted initial failings of the handset, the business side has never been called into question, so we can only assume the Exchange server support is working nicely.

Hurry up, RIM!

RIM might want to rethink its model release strategy sooner rather than later, with a number of handsets (the Bold, Thunder and Kickstart) either stuck in release limbo or confined solely to rumour and conjecture at the moment.

However, given you can't get an iPhone 3G anywhere these days, where's Apple going to cook 200,000 of these puppies up from?