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Elop drops latest Nokia Windows 8 tablet hint

Elop drops latest Nokia Windows 8 tablet hint
Will Nokia's tablet have Windows?

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has dropped the strongest hint yet that Nokia is set to release a tablet into the market.

Not content with rejuvenating its smartphone line-up with a number of Windows Phone handsets, Elop told Business Week that the company was looking at the tablet market and is considering just how to take on the might of the iPad.

"There's a new tablet opportunity coming," he said.

"We see the opportunity. Unquestionably, that will change the dynamics [of the tablet market]."

Internet tablet

Nokia is no stranger to tablets. This is the company that brought the internet tablet to the world back in 2007 with the Nokia N810 and the N800 before that.

Given this was the same year as the iPhone, the keyboard-toting device looked old before it was even released.

There's been no shortage of Nokia tablet rumours. Back in May it was reported that a Nokia Windows 8 tablet was in the works and in February of this year Nokia revealed that it was free to release tablets that didn't have Windows 8 on board, despite the company's deal with Microsoft.

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