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Android Jelly Bean adapts to smartphone and tablet screen sizes

Report: Android Jelly Bean will have optimised tablet and smartphone version
Android Jelly Bean is adaptable for different screen sizes

Google has tailored its new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system specifically for the Nexus 7 tablet and forthcoming 7-inch slates.

Computer World has official word that the Google Nexus 7 will boast a user interface that will differ from the experience on 10-inch Jelly Bean tablets.

Google says that Jelly Bean is capable of adapting itself to present information in different ways depending on the size of the gadget it is running on.

7-inch slates will all pack a vertically-themed UI, while 10-inch slates will proceed with the landscape navigation and notifications interface.

Not vertically challenged

There had been fears that the UI on the Nexus 7 was too similar to that on Android smartphones.

This was largely due to the vertical orientation as opposed to the horizontal offerings on previous Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich slates like the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Computer World goes on to point out that this doesn't mean Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7 is just the smartphone version blown up. Various applications, including Gmail boast tablet-specific design and navigation.

Via: ComputerWorld