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$100 laptop founder slams Intel

Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO, shows off the Classmate PC at last autumn's Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco

The founder of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has slammed Intel for attempting to undermine the not-for-profit organisation's efforts. Nicholas Negroponte said the corporation should be "ashamed of itself". He claimed that Intel is trying to undercut the OLPC laptop with its own low-cost PC - the Classmate.

Intel showed off its Classmate PC at last Autumn's Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The $100 (£51) OLPC laptop has been the subject of much interest and coverage. The machines have become a reality this year - even though the actual price isn't yet $100. Each costs $176 (£89).

In an interview with US broadcaster CBS, Intel's chairman said his company was just attempting to "bring capability to young people. And it's more than just Intel. It's going to take the whole industry to do this."

Negroponte isn't surprised by the competition - not forgetting that his his laptop uses an AMD chip under the hood. "The numbers are so large," he told CBS. "They look at those numbers and they say, 'if we're not in those, we're toast'".