YouTube 'skating babies' ad breaks world record

YouTube takes baby steps
YouTube takes baby steps

YouTube and Evian have entered the record books this month with the announcement that the bottled water company's Skating Babies advert is the most viewed online ad ever.

The one-minute long advert has a fairly simple premise of babies dancing and skating to the Sugarhill Gang track Rapper's Delight, with the tagline: 'Evian, live young'.

Even though it was only posted on YouTube, the advert has garnered 45,166,109 online views worldwide.

World beater

The Guinness Book of World Records saw fit to award the advert after data from Nielsen and YouTube showed just how many views the ad had garnered.

So, what is its trick? Well, it's got freaky dancing babies for a start (albeit with a slathering bit of computer trickery), and who can resist the charms of the Sugarhill Gang?

To be honest, we have no idea but it does prove that if you want something seen by a lot of people, then the power of the internet is the best way to do it.

See the advert in all its rapping glory, below:

Via Mashable