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Nice start for Bing in US search rankings

Bing! Half a per cent
Bing! Half a per cent

Microsoft's new search engine Bing has made inroads into the search market with ComScore suggesting that it now has an 8.4 per cent share, with Google holding steady at 65 per cent.

The full month figures from ComScore for June have shown that the steep gains made in the opening fortnight slowed, but the news will nonetheless buoy Microsoft after it took the decision to relaunch its search.

However, there are already murmurs that the true impact of Bing will not be known until it has been up and running for a quarter – and the novelty of a new search engine has faded.

Yahoo fail

The loser in June was Yahoo, which lost half a per cent to fall to 19.6 per cent.

Microsoft's 8.4 per cent share is up from the 8 per cent that it had registered in May with its Live search product.

The company is putting a lot into the launch of Bing, which remains in Beta in the UK until it can be tweaked for the British market, something that Microsoft is working hard on at the moment.