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Google spruces up its search feature for blogs

Search blogs easier with Google
Search blogs easier with Google

Google has announces it has added a number of new features to its Google Blog Search service, which it hopes makes the content of blogs on the internet easier to access.

Google launched a new-and-improved Blog Search feature back in January 2008 and since then it has kept the service pretty much as it is.

The new updates, however, will open up access to blogs with the addition of an RSS feed option and Atom feed option.

Essentially this means you can subscribe to a blog like you would any website and add its content to feed aggregators like Google Reader.

Hot Queries

Another new feature is Hot Queries. This lists searches that are popular in blogs at the moment, a bit like the Trending Topics section of Twitter.

"There's a lot of great, fresh content being published in blogs every day. We hope these new features help you discover more of it, faster," explains Akshay Patil, Software Engineer, & Dylan Casey, Product Manager in the blog.

One final other thing that has been tweaked in the Blog Search is that you can now embed this service into your iGoogle page.

Via Google Blog