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Bing closes search gap on Yahoo

Bing close to overtaking Yahoo in the US

Microsoft's Bing came within a whisker of overtaking Yahoo last month in the battle to be the world's second most popular search engine.

According to new stats from ComScore, Microsoft's rising search portal obtained a 15.0 per cent share of the US market last month.

Yahoo, which has been Google's chief challenger for years, registered the slightest of advantages, scoring 15.1 per cent of all US searches.

Google however, remained veritable light years ahead with a total of 65.40 per cent, while the likes of Ask and AOL barely registered.

Making ground

Bing's rise appears to be at the expense of both Google and Yahoo. In November 2010, Microsoft's 'decision engine' bagged an 11.8 per cent slice of the pie.

Last year Google had 66.2 per cent, while Yahoo had 16.4 per cent.

Microsoft's share would surely be greater if mobile searches were included in ComScore's tally, an area where Yahoo can have very few users.

Via Engadget, SearchEngineLand