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Xbox 360 less than £150

TechRadar was first to call the Xbox price cuts last week

An official announcement on Xbox 360 price cuts is expected sometime later today, although it seems that Microsoft may have missed the boat a little

TechRadar was first to call it last week, and it seems that our sources were only 1p out on the predicted new cost of the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU (which has no hard drive), currently listed at a stunning £149.99.

Amazon UK has also cut the price of the other two 360 SKUs this morning. It's selling the Premium pack for £189.99 and the Elite for £249.99.

To put that in some sort of context, Nintendo's Wii is currently being sold (with Wii Sports) for £179.98, and the Xbox 360's main competitor, Sony's PlayStation will set you back £285 for the 40 gig version.

Come on Microsoft! Time for the ‘official announcement’ now surely…