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Player 'completes' World of Warcraft

WoW - popular
WoW - popular

A Taiwanese player has (sort of) completed World of Warcraft – doing every quest, collecting virtually everything he can and going everywhere – at least until the next expansion hits.

According to MMO Champio, a Tauren Druid called 'Little Grey' has 986 out of 986 achievements on his armory page, along with *deep breath* collecting 100 mounts, 75 pets, completing every quest, visiting every location, and defeating every boss.

PVP champ

And before you scoff and point to the player versus player side of the game, Little Greay also has 100,000 pvp kills, and achieved at least a century of wins in every battleground.

Of course, Little Grey may well be eager to get his hands on the next expansion for World of Warcraft - called Cataclysm – to arrive.

Although, by the sounds of things he may be too knackered to actually click his mouse button when it does.