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Nintendo encourages cheat mode in Wii games

If you want to get ahead, just press X, Y, then X again

Readers of technology news websites may pooh-pooh the idea of cheating at video games, although that isn't stopping Nintendo from lending a helping hand.

According to sources in Japan, the company is set to introduce official (i.e. not secret) cheat modes in its new games in a bid to stop frustrated newbie gamers abandoning them unfinished.

Skip over it

The cheat modes will allow players to skip sections they get stuck on, rather than bestow immortality or magical powers, so they might not appeal to anyone wanting value from a game.

Apparently, the first game to feature the sneaky new mode will be New Super Mario Bros on the Wii, which is due out towards the end of this year.

If the scheme works and attracts even more of the casual gamers Nintendo is so keen on, then we can expect to see plenty more cheaters before long.

Via Nikkei