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Nintendo DS Lite powers past 10 million sales

Nintendo's DS Lite continues to dominate both hardware and software sales in Japan.

If there was ever any doubt about the long-term viability of the relatively simplistic Nintendo DS Lite handheld games machine, then it has surely been blown away by the news from Japan that it has just broken the 10 million sales barrier there in record time.

Despite being up against a more complex handheld in the shape of Sony's PlayStation Portable and - in terms of the battle for disposable income - new consoles like the PS3 and Nintendo's own Wii , the DS Lite has consistently been at the top of sales charts since launch last March.

Ahead of the pack

The most recent data from Japan shows that Nintendo sold 285,000 DS Lites in the first week of May. This was followed by Wii (101,000), PSP (35,000), PS2 (15,000) and PS3 (13,000).

As for the future, considering that the DS Lite passed 10 million sales in just a year and nine weeks and that its software dominates those charts (16 of the top 20 spots in Japan), it's not hard to see the next 10 million rolling round very soon.