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Facebook and Twitter coming to Xbox 17 November

Xbox gets a status update
Xbox gets a status update

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is to officially open its doors to the social-networking masses this month, with Facebook and Twitter landing on the console 17 November.

It's no secret that Microsoft is looking to make the Xbox 360 into a social hub with its website promising Twitter and Facebook integration for some time now.

Life's tweet

The new features will come as part of an update which will integrate the two social-networking sites into the Xbox Live interface rather than simply linking out to the website.

So, for Facebook, things like status updates, news feeds and photos will be shown in panes.

Speaking to TechRadar recently about the integration, Microsoft's Neil Thompson said: "Everyone wants to tweet, everyone wants to Facebook and I can tell you that we will expand the types of services we offer over time because we think this is just the core element for what the future of entertainment is."