Zombie downloads hit PS3 in The Last Guy

The Last Guy uses real views of cities taken from orbit
The Last Guy uses real views of cities taken from orbit

European PS3 owners with a taste for apocalypse-themed zombie games (are there any?) should start warming up their network connections about now for the imminent launch of Sony's latest downloadable title.

Any day this month, the PlayStation Network should be ready to serve up the oddly titled 'The Last Guy' - a game heavy on the zombie action.

Purple people eater

The download hit the Japanese PSN pipes last week for just ¥500 (£2.35), so expect to pay a little more than that in the EU. Judging by the playable demos we've seen, that looks like a few very cheap nights in.

The top-down game sees the player as one of the last survivors of a mysterious purple space ray that turned those exposed to it into zombies. Naturally, the task at hand involves leading the remainder of the non-rotting populace to safety.

Google maps

Where it really scores some originality points is in The Last Guy's use of real satellite views from Google Maps to provide the playing arena.

We've already enjoyed leading the masses to a bloody death on the streets of Tokyo, so can confidently predict that the screaming will last well into the night through London, LA and more besides.