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Xbox 360 Arcade hits Japan to polite silence

The Arcade is a nice package, but is it all to late for Japan?

After yesterday's figures that showed just how far off the pace Microsoft is in the Japanese console-supremacy race, we have to wonder if its latest round of Xbox price-cutting will make much difference.

The US firm has finally brought the cheapest Xbox 360 model - the Arcade edition - to Japan at a price that pitches it directly against Nintendo's Wii. At ¥27,800 (£132), the 360 faces stiff competition from the ¥25,000 (£119) Wii and its massive fan-base.

Just a bit of fun

Although the two consoles are very different, they do share a similar target audience in casual gamers - the 360 Arcade has no hard drive, but comes with simple games that hardcore Xbox fans normally shun.

For the sake of comparison, it's worth pointing out that Nintendo sold 14 Wiis in Japan last year for every single Xbox 360 MS shifted - we can't see that changing much.