'PS3 is a key platform,' says Bioware

Dragon Age: Origins - PS3 hit
Dragon Age: Origins - PS3 hit

It's already been a good year for the PlayStation 3, but yet more great news has arrived for the console ahead of Christmas with the hint that software giant Bioware will bring development for Sony's platform in-house.

Bioware is one of the biggest names in gaming, and had previously at least partly outsourced PS3 development, but the sales of recent hit Dragon Age: Origins appear to have convinced it that this should change.

Bioware did work on the PS3 version, although they did call in Edge of Reality in producing it.

"We think it's one of the key platforms, obviously, so we're definitely going to be doing PS3," Greg Zeschuk told Joystiq.

Mass Effect too?

Obviously this begged questions of whether stand-out Xbox hit Mass Effect's sequel would be available on the platform.

"You know, I can't say anything about Mass Effect in that regard but you know, I can definitely say Dragon Age and other things we do will definitely be on PS3.

"It was great going through the experience of making Dragon Age, getting familiar with and understanding the PS3. Again, every platform is different, but now I think we're at the position where future PS3 stuff will be really solid," Zeschuka added.

Joystiq via CVG