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Japan to get pre-paid PlayStation Store cards

Japan's online PlayStation Store will soon accept pre-paid cards sold in real-world shops.

Sony Japan announced overnight that it would make life a little easier for gamers wishing to use their PS3 consoles to buy and download online games and other content from the PlayStation Store by providing pre-paid cards exclusively for that purpose.

The PlayStation Network Tickets will hit the shops in Japan in June and will be available from 26,000 convenience stores and a similar number of post-office ATMs. According to the press release from Sony , the cards will be available in denominations of ¥1,000 (£4.20), ¥3,000 (£12.60), ¥5,000 (£21) and ¥10,000 (£42).

Given the prevalence of huge convenience-store chains and low credit-card usage among young people in Japan, the pre-paid model makes sense there, although it's not unforeseeable that it will be developed for overseas use too.