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Estonia sets up NATO cyber-defence hub

If only we had Matthew Broderick...

Estonia have responded to cyber-attacks attacks last year by building a NATO sanctioned cyber-defence hub.

Seven NATO nations – Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and Spain will staff and fund the hub in Tallin, following an attack on the country’s hit-tech infrastructure that Estonia’s government attributed to Russia.

Hit hard

The country has fully embraced the internet age, and was hit hard by the attacks – which affected government offices and banks, amongst other major businesses.

“We have seen in Estonia that a cyber-attack can swiftly become an issue of national security,” said Nato spokesman James Appathurai.

“Cyber attacks can cripple societies.”

30 staff will man the hub, with a US observer also keeping an eye on the project, which is expected to act as a pilot scheme for the co-operating governments.