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Confirmed: New Apple Airport Express due this week

New extended range Airport Express launching this week?

[Updated] This has now been confirmed by Apple. Further details to follow later today.

For Mac users who want to use their fancy new MacBook Air in the garden this summer (or, for that reason, their grubby old iBook G4), the news that a new 802.11n version of the Airport Express is on the way will be welcomed.

MacRumors strongly suggests that we should see the new 802.11n Express – which should have a range of around an impressive 70 metres – sometime this week.

“It's entirely possible, but I don't have any specific conformation that the updated model will definitely be released,” MacFormat’s Chris Phin told us when we quizzed him about this today.

“If it's simply an upgrade to 802.11n, then it will have a bigger range, be able to deal with interference more intelligently, and be faster than its 802.11g predecessor.”

Apple has immediately served us with a ‘no comment’ when we asked about this, so watch out for the Apple Store going down in the coming days, if you are keen to upgrade your existing Airport Express.