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Xbox 720 Release Date, Concepts, News and Rumours

04:11PM 22nd Mar 2013

Microsoft Xbox 720; All the latest rumours, leaks and info surrounding Microsoft's Xbox 720 console.

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Xbox 720 release date, news and rumours

Stories of dual-GPU graphics, stringent anti-piracy measures and a Christmas 2013 release date currently comprise the whirlwind of Xbox 720 rumours.

Xbox 720 rumoured for May reveal, will be 'expensive'

Mark May 21 in the calendar for the next Xbox reveal, while speculation swirls that the console lacks backwards compatibility.

Latest Xbox 720 leak suggests always-connected gameplay, hard disk installs

Rumours of Microsoft's next console persist, pointing to always-online play, hard drive installations and Blu-ray functionality.

Xbox 720 less about gaming than PS4, says indie game dev

The Witness developer says Sony's gaming-focused attitude lured his title away from the Xbox 720 and over to the PlayStation 4.