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Facebook Home for Android: Everything you need to know

03:50PM 05th Apr 2013

Facebook Home for Android: Everything you need to know. Facebook has unveiled an enhanced experience for Android, taking things beyond the standard Facebook app. Acting like an overlay for Android phones, Facebook Home is essentially an stealth.

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Facebook Home: Android's worst nightmare?

Why bother making your own OS when you can hijack someone else's? That appears to be Facebook's thinking - and Google must be furious.

Facebook Home

It's not an operating system and it's more than an app - Facebook Home is handsome, but you may have hesitations about the always-connected feeling.

Facebook Home for Android: everything you need to know

Facebook Home is here: a new enhanced Facebook overlay for Android.

Facebook Home for Android is now official

Facebook has done the inevitable and made Facebook Home for Android official, with the all-encompassing homescreen widget set to take your mobile social networking to new heights.