There's an awful lot to compare the Motorola Moto G and Moto G 4G to, with not just phones in its price range to consider, but also more expensive offerings with a similar spec list.

A firm favourite

When the Nokia Lumia 520 rocked up it was rather overshadowed by the headlining Lumia 920 and then the 925 - but venture towards the bottom of the Finnish firm's range and you'll find a golden nugget of a handset.

The Lumia 520 seriously impressed with its low price tag, decently sized 4-inch (though not HD) display, dual-core processor and smooth performance all wrapped up in a sturdy chassis.

Nokia Lumia 520

Then the Moto G turned up, with a bigger 4.5-inch HD display, more powerful quad-core processor and all the bells and whistles of stock Android KitKat.

If you're looking for a simpler interface the Lumia 520 is the better choice, and it's slightly cheaper, but if you want to get the most for your money the Moto G is the one you want.

The big brother

The Moto G was born out of Motorola's return to the mobile market - the Moto X.

If the Motorola Moto G is just a little bit too small for your liking then the Moto X may be just up your street with a 4.7-inch HD display.

It also packs a punchier 1.7GHz dual-core processor, a superior 10MP camera and 2GB of RAM giving you technically more bang for your buck.

Moto X

KitKat may still be on board, but poor battery life, weak camera performance and the lack of a microSD slot makes the Moto X feel rather limited.

On paper Moto X tops the Moto G in terms of specs, but it just doesn't feel that much better than its younger, cheaper brother - in terms of value for money the G still wins it.

What out Mini brigade

Put the Motorola Moto G up against the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and even then it's difficult to pick faults at the cheap handset.

In fact the Moto G has a bigger screen than the S4 Mini (4.5 inches over 4.3) and a higher resolution (720 x 1280 versus 540 x 960), plus it's 1.2GHz quad-core processor is on par, if not better than the Samsung's 1.7GHz dual-core offering.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The Moto G even runs a newer version of Android - version 4.4 KitKat - while the Galaxy S4 Mini is still languishing on Jelly Bean. It's not looking good for the considerably more expensive Samsung.

Naturally there are areas where the S4 Mini excels and its 8MP camera is a significantly better performer than the 5MP offering on the Moto G.

It also brings 4G connectivity to the table, while you'll only get 3G on the Moto G, but considering the low cost of the Motorola you won't be disappointed.