LG Optimus G (AT&T) review

LG's most powerful yet phone arrives on AT&T

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One of the biggest differences between the Sprint and AT&T versions of the LG Optimus G is the camera, with the Sprint boasting a 13-megapixel camera and the AT&T having 8-megapixels. Both phones shoot 1080p video.

LG Optimus G Att review

As is the the case with most phones, the camera on the AT&T model of the LG Optimus G does its best work outdoors in strong sunlight. Indoors shots or pictures with uneven light gave it trouble. Pictures were sometimes dark, but could be improved by adjusting the white balance or ISO. There's also manual focus control and few color effects.

On the default setting, color contrasts are high, resulting in some rather eye-popping hues. It's not true to life, by the stylization can be nice.

LG Optimus G Att review

Still, we're not sure you'd want to. The lens isn't capable of shooting anything too amazing, we'd call it perfectly acceptable. The bumped up color saturation adds some life to what would be otherwise boring cell phone shots.

LG Optimus G Att review

Make no mistake, the camera is perfectly acceptable, just nothing to write home about. Your shots will never be mistaken for anything but cell phone camera snaps.

On an amusing note, the LG's UI gives the camera a voice command shutter. When activated, saying phrases such as "cheese," "whiskey," "kimchi" or "LG" will trigger a picture. Of course, it's best for self shots, since tell your subject to say cheese will trigger a photo.

The front facing 1.3-megapixel camera is extremely standard and takes an extremely standard picture. It's just fine for video chat and Skype.