When it comes to contact management, HTC has always been at the head of the field in our opinion. It was one of the first brands to properly manage to integrate social networking into your phonebook, and has since evolved this process to be even slicker than ever.

The same is still true on the HTC One X, which manages to present a very quick and nimble view of every contact, and is helped by the greater onus placed on this feature by Google's Ice Cream Sandwich overhaul. We'd thoroughly recommend you log into the likes of Facebook and Twitter before even firing up the phone's contact system, as you'll find many of your friends will already be linked, with profile pictures too, once you go in for the first time.

Update: The HTC One X has been updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

As we mentioned, Contacts has been upgraded with Android 4.0, and now can only be accessed through the Phone icon on the One X, and a little slide to the right to see all your buddies. The layout is so much more expansive than it was too, with the list of friends easy to read and better spaced out than before.

HTC One X review

Simply flicking the finger down the list is the easiest way to jump from one person to the next, although there's a little slider bar that allows you to jump to the correct letter of the alphabet if you're in more of a hurry and just HAVE to tell your sister you saw a squirrel fall into a pond.

As any HTC user will already know, social networking and HTC Sense are close bedfellows, and we're in love with the way each person is displayed here. Little touches, like prioritizing high-quality Facebook profile pictures over lo-res Twitter ones, make the device look much neater - especially as we're now given a much larger contact snap at the top of each name.

Editing your contacts is also something of a dream on the HTC One X, as you've got total control over which information is shown by default. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you've got three different profiles (say from Google, Twitter and Facebook, as well as the phone entry) you might have multiple contact names and pictures for the same person. Therefore, being able to choose the right info is really handy.

HTC One X review

Once in the contact profile, HTC has added a mass of information to make it into a little hub for your buddy. This means not only do you have all the contact info, but any messages or email conversations you've had, call history and Facebook albums, too. The latter is a much improved feature from previous HTC handsets. No longer does it take minutes to download pics from your friend's social networks, as it's not only a few seconds to have a good ol' stalk of people you find semi-attractive.

HTC has once again included Contact Groups, which is a really handy feature for its devices. While most other phones allow you to have this feature simply to send out group messages and the like, on the HTC One X you can create a Favorites group to display on the home screen with pictures, or a Co-workers option which you can have as a tab in the email inbox to jump straight to the important messages.

In short: HTC has nailed the Contacts integration on the One X, and long may it continue.


Calling on the HTC One X is improved once more, albeit with some slight flaws. Signal management is generally pretty good, with the bulk of the time seeing nearly full bars from the device.

HTC One X review

However, there was more than one occasion when the handset would completely drop all connectivity, only to fire it back up again a few seconds later. It wasn't life-threatening, but was most irksome when trying to check to see which teams were winning.

Call quality, however, is much better. The noise reduction system worked very well in our opinion, as someone on the other end of the phone was able to hear us easily even when walking past a building site.

However, the same person complained of a lot of wind in the background, despite it being an almost completely breeze-less day. We're not sure what to make of that, other than concluding the One X has a very sensitive microphone.

Smart dialing is also included on the HTC One X, allowing you to tap into the phone's keypad to call up the name of your intended recipient using the same system as predictive text. We really like this feature, as it saves you having to enter the Contacts app time and again - so we suggest you learn to use it as soon as you pick up the phone.