The display on the iPad Air is nothing overly new - but it's still amazing. It uses a new technology to make sure that the power is sucked as heavily, which is as much to do with the overall battery pain as it is about making sure we don't see a repeat of the ultra-warm tablets of last year.

But in reality, things look very nice indeed, with Retina already a mainstay of Apple's larger tablet for years now.

We still think it's a touch too reflective for watching video, but according to DisplayMate. Ray Soneira of the same laboratory testing facility has found that things are actually pretty good on that front, with less than 10 per cent of the light hitting the screen surface actually reflecting back into your peepers.

However, Apple hasn't made the best large-screen tablet display on the market according to DisplayMate. While the Air performs fairly well in most scenarios, it's bested by the competition - namely the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

iPad Air review

Credit: Republished with permission from DisplayMate Technologies

It's clear that the iPad Air is much better than the Nexus 10, which is predictable given that's a device that's coming to the end of its life.

The PPI on the iPad Air may make it look like it's a tablet that isn't as sharp as the competition, but in reality that makes no difference given the distance you hold it from your eyes.

There's no doubt that the iPad Air isn't as good as the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, which has dynamic contrast to make pictures look simply stunning on the page.

But the Air is powerful enough and won't let you down on the display front in any way.

iPad Air review

Credit: Republished with permission from DisplayMate Technologies

As you can see here, the iPad Air is like the rest of the competition when it comes to flicking the tablet around in your hands - the brightness and color will quickly shift away from perfection when you begin to tilt.

This wasn't a problem in most scenarios, as you'll be the only one using the device in day to day use. However, if you've got it set up on a stand in a kitchen while cooking, for instance, it will irk a little. It's nothing major, but we saw that the Kindle Fire HDX was superior here in that example.

iPad Air review

As we mentioned, the reflectivity of the iPad Air isn't the best on the market, and might irritate lightly at times. The Nexus 10 still looks like an awful tablet, but given it has a much lower cost than the competition, we can't castigate it too much.

You can head over to the DisplayMate report to see the full findings of the tablet test, but the results were that while the Amazon tablet was the best in all tests - and the best the laboratory had ever seen, apparently - the iPad has made some significant gains here too, offering a more power efficient display.

Crucially, it's larger too, meaning you're getting more of a viewing experience - we think that the 8.9-inch screen of Amazon offering isn't the best for an extended movie marathon.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Google finally spits out its long-awaited sequel to the Nexus 10 - if it can play in these high end waters at a decent price, we'll have a real competition on our hands.