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Wordpress review

Is it worth giving up control to hosted blogging sites in the name of simplicity?

Our Verdict

A simple and effective blogging option but those looking for a more complex solution could end up paying a lot


  • Nice simple to use interface
  • Good hosting


  • Can cost a lot in add-ons
  • No other payment options apart from a piecemeal system

Wordpress has become blogging's biggest name, with millions of sites using it for journals, news delivery or as a content management system.

Sign up for a blog on, and you'll get most of the functionality found in the superb 2.8, hosted on a fast, reliable server.

In this hosted version you can create multiple blogs, with journals entries, polls or static pages. You get 3GB of storage space for free, whether that's blog pages or images.

The templating system is easy to use, with nearly 80 designer styles to choose from.

Some of's best features are missing, though. There are no facilities for adding plug-ins or full themes. Even basic CSS editing capabilities will cost you $15 a year (about £9).

That doesn't sound like much, but the pricing system for premium features is piecemeal. Enable ad-free blogging and domain services and you'll be paying out a total of $55 (£33) a year.

It's a great system, but at those prices you might be better off hosting your own installation.

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