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  1. One For All URC 7781 review

    One For All URC 7781 review


    We can’t imagine any Wotsat reader needs a universal remote for more than 12 devices but we’ve all got stacks of gear (probably) but only tolerate using only a couple of remotes at the most to control them.

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    One For All Kameleon 6-in-1 review


    More immediately impressive than Logitech's effort, the Kameleon 6-in-1 is the latest remote from stalwart One For All. The company has made a real effort to improve the aesthetics of its products over the last two generations...

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    One For All 6 Kameleon review


    The downside to home cinema is you need an octopus to handle all the remotes. Enter One For All's Kameleon controller, complete with funky glow-in-the-dark display (handy when recreating cinema lighting in the home)

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