DigiTV is a neat DTT tuner that's powered by a PC's USB port, and is supplied with comprehensively featured software for viewing digital TV and radio channels.

The software gives you recording/still-capture functionality, searchable seven-day EPG, digital teletext, multi-tuner support and the ability to tune into high-definition terrestrial services like the BBC Crystal Palace trial - you'll need a high-powered PC to decode 1080i H.264 video, though.

It will also stream channels - via UDP - across your network to other PCs running the application. Unfortunately, VLC Media Player is only supported with the help of third-party software.

A 'multicast' option allows several networked clients to access the same DTT stream. The DigiTV is supplied with a remote handset, and can be upgraded to TopUpTV with an optional USB card reader. The picture and sound quality of DTT channels, on local and remote PCs alike, is excellent.

An internally fitting PCI version of the tuner (£90) is also available, adding an analog video input.