We find it hard not to gawp, slack jawed, at this miraculous Hitachi drive. For anyone who remembers the heady days when 20MB hard drives were the norm, it's sometimes hard to comprehend how 1,000,000MB can now be squeezed into the same space.

What's even more startling is that, as we have discovered, the performance on this drive is phenomenal. The average write tops 104MB/s and the HD Tach graph shows it regularly peaks to just over 120MB/s.

We've always noticed IBM/Hitachi drives favour write speeds over read, contrary to most other manufacturers. What's even more impressive is the PCMark test, putting in significantly faster results than the Western Digital.

Whether another 250GB of storage and this faster performance is worth the extra cash is hard to say - in fact, you could almost buy two Western Digital drives for the same money, but we doubt you'd regret opting for the Hitachi.