Fuji X100: Overview

In the decade or so that digital cameras have been widely available, manufacturers have always looked to the design of classic cameras for inspiration. Olympus's recent PEN series harks back to the film models of the same name, while Leica's M range continues with a design long established in the analogue world.

Update: See our video review below

Fujifilm's X100, then, appears as just another retro-styled contender in the large-sensor/compact-body market, but its marriage of old-fashioned styling with new and innovative technology has, nevertheless, been met with an unprecedented response.

The reception seems to have taken even Fujifilm by surprise, with the company recently reporting that high demand had pushed shipments of the camera back until April – but with a price tag of a penny under £1000, is the Fuji X100 overblown and overpriced? Or can such a camera really be worth its asking price?

Fuji x100 review
Fuji x100 review