Flirting just got weird with Google Glass wink app

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Flirting just got weird with Google Glass wink app

You're in a bar. You notice a male/female across the way that you like the look at. You go for the wink. Whoops - you forgot you were wearing your Google Glass and you just took a picture. Now you look like a weirdo.

That's just one possible scenario that could take place with Winky, the Google Glass app that will let wearers snap a picture with just the wink of the eye - no need for any "Ok Glass, take a picture".

We already knew that Glass might support the winking-photo feature due to some discovered code, but Google Glass developer Mike DiGiovanni has actually gone and built it.

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However, it won't go off every time you blink; the app is designed to detect the difference between a normal blink and a more intense winking gesture. DiGiovanni also released the app source code which can be found here.

Via Slashgear

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