Cheap TV: The best TV deals in October 2015

Hey you, are you looking for a cheap TV?

Cheap TVs and the best TV deals in the UK

If you're looking for a cheap TV deal, you've come to the right place.

There are lots of great prices out there for TVs of all shapes and sizes, so no matter what your budget is there's no reason to pay over the odds.

The days of paying £1500 for a 32-inch TV are long gone as you can see, you can now pick up 32-inch models for under £220!

You can also pick up 50-inch TVs for less than £450. So take a browse through our list of the best cheap TV deals available right now and find yourself a bargain!

Top 25 TV Deals

Cheap 32-inch TVs

JVC LT-£2c655 Smart 32" LED TV with Built-in DVD Player | £229 | Currys

Samsung UE32J5100 32-inch Widescreen Full HD TV | £206.58 | Amazon

Panasonic TX-32c300B LED 32inch TV | Now £329 | Amazon

Sony KDL32R433 32-inch Widescreen HD | Now £266.66 | Amazon

Samsung T31D310 32" TV | Now £179 | Currys

Cheap 40-inch and 42-inch TVs

Samsung UE40JU6500 Smart Ultra HD 4k 40" Curved LED TV | £699 | Currys

LG 42LF580V Smart 1080p Full HD 42inch TV | £374 | Amazon

JVC LT-40C550 40" LED TV | Now £249 | Currys

Samsung UE40JU6445 Smart Ultra HD TV with Soundbar | £599 | Currys

Samsung UE40JU6740 Smart Ultra HD 4K 40" Curved LED TV | £849 | Currys

Cheap 46-inch, 47-inch, 48-inch & 49-inch TVs

Samsung UE48JU6445 Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV | £799 | Currys

Samsung UE48H6400 Smart 3D 48" LED TV | Now £549 | Co-Operative electrical

Samsung UE48J5600 Smart 48" LED TV | £499 | Currys

Cheap 50-inch & 55-inch TVs

LG 50LB561V 50inch Full HD LED TV | Now £359.99 | eBuyer

Sony Bravia KD55X8507CSU 3D Smart 4K TV | Now £1249 | Currys

JVC LT-50C750 Smart 50" LED TV | Now £399 | Currys

Panasonic Viera TX-50A300B LED TV | £399 | Currys

Samsung UE50JU6400 Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV | Now £829 | Currys

Cheap 60-65inch TVs

LG 60LB580V LED HD Smart TV | Now £799 | John Lewis

Sony Bravia KDL65W859CBU Smart 3D 65" LED TV | £1,249 | Currys

LG 60UF850V Smart 3D Ultra HD 4k LED TV | Now £1499 | Currys

Panasonic Viera TX-65CS620B Smart 65" LED TV | Now £1299 | Currys